Joints and articular cartilage are changing gradually over the years, which is evident in the reduction of the articular cartilage thickness, lubrication and mobility of joints. Inflammation, pain and joint deformities are very frequent.

Healthy joints, cartilage and bones are the requirement for mobility and quality of life in every age.

A lot of old, but even young people and athletes experience joint pain in their daily life.

Pain and musculoskeletal complaints were significantly more often reported by women, almost 60% in the population older than 40 years. With increasing age categories, the prevalence also increases, with a drop in the highest age groups. In general, pain and joint pain were associated with comorbidity and body mass index as well as quality of life.

There are some of the conditions in which joint pain occurs:

  • Joint and ligament injury
  • Osteoarthritis and difficult mobility
  • Degenerative changes
  • Sports activities
  • excesive weight

Maintaining a normal joint function is usually required in the elderly and athletes

A new generation of products for healthy joints, cartilage and bones helps restore cartilage, lubricates joints, increases mobility, relieves inflammation and pain.


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